Sunday, 23 November 2014

Holiday Gift Guide: The Floral Family

Well, I'm back in the land of the living after catching a nasty sickness bug last week.
I'm sorry it's been so quiet, it's not like me to stay offline for so long.

I'd like to start the new week with another selection of gifts, this time with a floral theme. I'm really into all the modern and vintage botanical prints that are trending right now, so here are a few arty ideas for plant lovers, big and small.

 I hope you'll find something inspiring amongst them!

Happy Shopping:
1) - Mountain tapestry - Belles and Ghosts
2) - Black paper flower garland - Les Copirates
3) - Turtle softy - Jo Waterhouse
4) - Ficus cushion cover - Vontrueba
5) - ABC for the spelling bee - Rebel Walls
6) - Zoe organic floral bonnet - Roar Haus
7) - Morning Kite - Fredericks & Mae
8) - California palm trees - Luna Reef
9) - Dark wall mural - Anewalldecor
10) - Tulip photograph - Oh Pretty Shiny
11) - Fabric Feather - Puur Anders

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Holiday Gift Guide: Minimal Kids

No Mercredi Moodboard this week, I'm afraid.
I'm getting excited about Christmas, and I've been pinning like mad!


As you probably know, despite all the colour on this blog, I love black & white. 
Our own French home is very monochrome, with lots of worn wooden objects and vintage finds to add warmth in the Winter months in particular.

I don't like clutter or excess or waste; simplicity is for me.
I try to buy less but better quality even if it costs a few extra pennies.

I hope you will be inspired by the Christmas Gift Guide for Kids I'm curating over on pinterest. This small selection is just a sample of the beautiful black & white, handmade or minimal children's products I am in love with right now. But gosh, there will be more, I promise!

Happy Shopping! 


Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Shop Watch: Little Wood

Well, you should know by now how much I love wooden toys.
That said, after more than five years online, I'm getting somewhat choosy when it comes to new designs.

I came across these very quirky toys the other day, and was pleased to see three different types of modern family. A welcome, refreshing change - thank goodness someone is moving with the times!

Christmas is obviously on a lot of people's minds right now, so if you're looking for an original, handmade memory game, an unusual DIY dollkit, a toy robot, or even a plain wooden city set to decorate in the comfort of your own home, wander over to Little Wood, a gem of a Spanish shop selling on both etsy and dawanda.

A happy find, don't you think?

Saturday, 15 November 2014

Please Santa - Wishlist 2014


I've been working on My Wishlist for Santa this morning, collecting some of my favourite recent finds. I actually started this board (and one for kids) last year, and have been adding a few things that take my fancy here and there.

Father Christmas knows I love fashion, and pinterest and  tumblr have been wonderful platforms for me to share my discoveries on a daily basis. However, with a bit of luck he'll bring me a gift for our lovely home as well. Fingers crossed...

I hope you see something you like over the coming weeks - it's time to treat yourself, after all!

Shop / Product Links:

Happy Shopping!

Friday, 14 November 2014

Inspiration: My Xmas!

Well, My Xmas
And so much more...

It's been a long, long week here and I'm ready for a couple of days rest with my family.
We don't really have much planned, and the weather forecast is pretty lousy, but it's starting to feel a bit Christmassy here. I couldn't believe the lights were up in our village when I nipped to the baker's late last night. 'Twas a magical, surprising sight!

With Christmas in mind, I'd like to sign off by sharing these few images from French company Hytt Design's new My Xmas collection. You may already be familiar with Aurélie Richard's beautiful work, especially her vases or lights (Edward is amazing!).

Wooden spinning tops decorations, green pompom garlands, snowflakes, stars or an unusual wicker tree (designed by Aurélie in collaboration with Pascale Comte) - these are the things that handmade, original and poetical Christmases are made of!

Oh, before I forget - Don't be put off by all the French, use an online translator or shoot Aurélie an email in English, she studied in the UK!

Bon Week-end !

Photos: Fabien Perrier 

Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Mercredi Moodboard: Birds of a Feather

"Birds of a feather flock together"

Bonjour !

I've been working on my art / fashion tumblr

for almost a year now.

It's my favourite place to be the web.

It feels like me, the real me, now.

I love curating this collection of images, so thank you for following me there too.

Who's bought a pair of over-the-knee boots yet this year?

Dare I, I wonder?

Have a fabulous day!

(top left to bottom right)
1 / 2 / 3  4 / 5 / 6

Monday, 10 November 2014

Shop Watch: Have Company


Yes, I'll HAVE it all please!

Seriously, ever since Marie tweeted to me about Marlee Grace's beautiful shop, gallery and residency space in Grand Rapids, USA, a short while ago, I've discovered so many inspiring artists and makers.

If you're like me and get excited about finding new, unique home goods, textiles, jewelry and clothing, or can never resist an original zine or good-looking card, you're in for a treat over at Have Company's online shop, blog, instagram feed and facebook page.

Marlee appears to have a knack for sourcing unusual, one-off items, made by hand by passionate creatives. Her bricks-and-mortar boutique is the kind of place I dream of doing my Christmas shopping in; somewhere small, friendly and very special, with a great sense of community.

I encourage you to take your time browsing this address, Marlee loves drinking tea, so pour yourself a cuppa and enjoy!